Thursday, October 8, 2009

Etsy Lovin' and Cold House Remedies

We all love Etsy. That much is undeniable. But I never knew how much Re-Nest loves Etsy! They have some great recommendations for Etsy finds. To add to the list, here are some of my favorite shops:

{decor & design}
Paloma's Nest
Carly Bodnar
Dude and Chick

souvenir souvenir
lisa zain
Reby C Vintage

House of Mouse
Berkeley Illustration
Kristiana Parn

{fabric & clothing)
Reby C
Rainbow Fabrics
Eye Heart Fabric
Mod Fabric
Fabric Place
Down Shadow Lane
On The Inside

Our house is old, I tell you, OLD!! That means it's freezing. I'll be making plenty of these door snakes this year to use up some scraps, have a little sewing therapy, and keep us a little bit warmer this winter. Here are some other great, practical (albeit somewhat obvious) ideas to save energy during the colder months. Please, Seattle, be merciful. Here's how to make them!

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