Saturday, October 31, 2009

October 31st

Happy Halloween...

Go Ducks! ...
Oregon: 47 USC: 20

and a Hallo-weiner Dog just for your enjoyment.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Decisions are great... Especially when they're handmade.

**loud cheering from the crowd**

Because, why not?! I just watched all of Etsy's "Handmade Moments" Contest winners and they were fantastic and inspirational. This holiday season shall be handmade... by Etsy or by me! In the meantime, check out the work of this amazing Portland artist (I love Oregon): The Black Apple (aka Emily Martin). Buy her prints. They're beautiful. I don't even know her. I promise.

Books Print, copyright Emily Martin

Branch Bed Print, copyright Emily Martin

Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Okay... here's the tough stuff. I'm seriously plagued by anxiety. I'm anxious about being anxious. I go inside my head and can't seem to get out very easily. In instances like this, it's important to focus on some words of wisdom that might seem a bit contrived, but true nonetheless. Here are some of my favorites right now, in this moment of vulnerability:

You are enough. Just as you are, you are good. You are enough to meet the challenges of your life, and you are enough to go after your dreams. Raise yourself up so that you can remind others that they are enough too.

Others do not define who you are. You define who you are in every choice you make. So if someone doesn’t see what you’re made of yet, don’t worry about it. Just work on living an example.

You never know what will change your life. Showing kindness, and moving out of your comfort zone could connect you with something that could make you happier than you ever were before. Keep an open eye for what you can learn.

Without struggle there is no achievement. Remember this when you face hard times. Difficulty and struggle is not your undoing but rather you’re opportunity.

It is going to be okay. Chaos is what we see when we can’t see the full picture. There is always something that will work its way out. Just be patient, and this too shall pass (A favorite mantra of my Grandpa Dan. I miss you.).

Be patient with yourself. Learning takes time, growing takes time, changes worth making take time. Being impatient with yourself will only get you frustrated and make it harder to do what you are fully capable of. Just give yourself time.

Take risks. To live you must grow; to grow you need risk.

Most of what we stress about is imaginary. Those what if questions that plague your mind are distracting you from the question you need to be asking. Rather than what if, ask what is.

Nobody starts off on top. All of the great men and women in the world had to prove themselves to someone. Every single one of them had to learn how to do what they did with an extreme excellence. That started with the beginner steps. There is nothing shameful about starting off not knowing what you are doing. Everybody starts that way.

This world is beautiful. From the man made structures that took such ingenuity to the majesty of nature herself, the precision and mystery behind existence itself makes the world an incredible place to live in.

Adapted from Goodlife Zen.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Etsy Lovin' and Cold House Remedies

We all love Etsy. That much is undeniable. But I never knew how much Re-Nest loves Etsy! They have some great recommendations for Etsy finds. To add to the list, here are some of my favorite shops:

{decor & design}
Paloma's Nest
Carly Bodnar
Dude and Chick

souvenir souvenir
lisa zain
Reby C Vintage

House of Mouse
Berkeley Illustration
Kristiana Parn

{fabric & clothing)
Reby C
Rainbow Fabrics
Eye Heart Fabric
Mod Fabric
Fabric Place
Down Shadow Lane
On The Inside

Our house is old, I tell you, OLD!! That means it's freezing. I'll be making plenty of these door snakes this year to use up some scraps, have a little sewing therapy, and keep us a little bit warmer this winter. Here are some other great, practical (albeit somewhat obvious) ideas to save energy during the colder months. Please, Seattle, be merciful. Here's how to make them!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

What do I care about, anyway?

Being as this blog is mostly for me to remember things throughout my busy day, here's a photo of a mantel that I could love to copy. It looks just like ours but definitely more hip:

Bless you, Design*Sponge! While I'm at it, I have been on a delightfully long-term reading kick obsessed with food, where it comes from, and how we as responsible humans should eat. My favorites so far have been by Michael Pollan and Barbara Kingsolver. See my reading list in the margin!

This was a great article over at Apartment Therapy about all of those confusing food labels and which ones we really should care about. One of my goals next spring is to find an affordable Seattle CSA to belong to. I am excited at the prospect of cooking with a box of fresh, local fruits and veggies. We have gotten so used to the convenience of Trader Joe's frozen foods section and I know how important it is to value and respect the food that's on our table. It's important to me, at least. Any ideas on Seattle local food resources? I'll keep up the research. Now that school has started, I need good things to procrastinate with.