Monday, August 17, 2009

Sample Sales & The Saga of the Mysterious Bump in the Quilt

Brilliant idea over at Design*Sponge this morning as a part of Kelly Moseley's Sneak Peak. For an inexpensive and beautiful design touch in a room, order wallpaper samples to frame. Graham & Brown offers so many beautiful and contemporary designs in 8 x 10 samples for $2 each! Many of the prints come in various color combinations and can be hung in tandem for an artistic touch without committing to paper an entire room. This is such a great idea for rentals, too. I've already spent way too much time on the Graham & Brown site, but plan to spend much more perusing their beautiful designs. Now to choose patterns for my place! Too much fun.

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And now for storytime with perdue:trouvé ...

The Saga of the Mysterious Bump in the Quilt

One day, I laid my quilt out on the bed to begin the basting process...

Then, a mysterious bump appeared!

Hamlet was alarmed when he noticed the mysterious bump.

And so he decided to investigate... and what did he find?!

He found a sneaky Cicero!


{and now you've seen the quilt I've been working on ALL SUMMER inspired by the gorgeous quilt shown on Film In the Fridge}

P.S. My computer is cured! I went a little bit picture-crazy...

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