Monday, August 10, 2009

Getting Ready

I just finished my first week of the Couch to 5k workout plan. I'm feeling good and proud of myself for sticking with something for a week... that's a big deal for someone who is a horrible procrastinator. I'll think of just about anything to get out of running. I'm working out with Robert Ullrey's podcast and I'm really liking my nice "coach." I think I'll try Podrunner next week to see which I like better. I'm so tied to the beat of the music while I workout that I get distracted if my feet and the beat don't match. We'll see if Podrunner matches a little better than Ullrey's. I'll miss the kind words of encouragement, but it might be worth it. My computer is still at the Mac doctor receiving a brand new harddrive, so my pictures are gone for now. Until then, here's a nice stock photo of one of my very favorite places in Seattle where I go running:

In the words of a friend, I can't wait until I become a "runner" without the quotation marks. I can do it. I hope I can get hooked before the rain comes...

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