Tuesday, June 23, 2009

DIY Dumpster Ideas

Small rant: Searching for decent rental homes in Seattle is hard. Done.

NOW! On to a dumpster find on the UW campus today. When I finally find that perfect Seattle home, remind me to go to IKEA and purchase some large-print home decor fabric to stretch over a canvas. There were two canvasses next to a dumpster that had this awesome, huge 70's looking print stretched over them. They looked like they needed a little bit of love and I'm too lazy to give them that right now. If you're interested and in the Seattle area oh, right about NOW, go down to the dumpsters outside of the Communications Building and snag yourself some free swag. So, it's not the greenest decision of my life, but I'll make some to my own specs! Sounds like a plan... these fabrics would look great:

In my dream Etsy store, I've decided I'll have to create and market these rag quilts. They look so quick and fun! I'm going through a love affair with pretty fabrics. It's dangerous on a grad student's budget!

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