Sunday, June 14, 2009


And so it begins. Yesterday, I spent way too much money on fabric and patterns that I don't know how to assemble. It's all very pie-in-the-sky. It's so tough for me to say no to such pretty things... I'm being pulled back to summers of my childhood when I would make "brew" out of flour, water, and molasses and call it my craft project. I made an angel food cake one time for my neighbor's birthday. I decorated my back yard and bought party favors. I was eight years old. I think I was born to be crafty. It's too bad I'm such an impatient person. Maybe my quilting and sewing will help me work on that. Today, I embark upon an adventure with a new Cynthia Rowley pattern. I've gone so far as to cut out the pattern pieces so far. What I've already learned about sewing:

1. I hate ironing.
2. I hate cutting out flimsy tissue paper patterns.
3. I love how it feels to create a quilt block, even after finding out that the online tutorial I was trying to follow is less than stellar.

That means I'm already improving, right? Baby steps, Bill Murray, baby steps.

UPDATE: Here's my finished product! My first sewing project is complete and I'm pretty pleased with the result.

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