Sunday, August 22, 2010

Ready... set...

Hello, All! I'm about ready to turn in at 9:00 so I can wake up at an ungodly hour to make the trek over to Marin. I start my first day with my choir at 8:00 am and as many of you know, that's not easy for me. It's not any easier for middle school kiddos, so we'll have a lot in common already. Chris and I did a lot of heavy lifting today at the elementary school where I have a classroom. We moved five heavy cabinets full of instruments from a multipurpose room to the classroom. We also moved a piano, keyboard, and other miscellaneous heavy things. I'm going to be one muscular music teacher! The portable is looking much more like a classroom rather than a scary, empty space. I'll post pictures soon.

Because I just got the okay to move in late last week, the music coordinator and I made the decision to cancel kindergarten classes for tomorrow so I can finish moving in. So, I just have my choir in the morning and move-in the rest of the day. Besides moving in, I think I'll take some time to visit with kids on the playground and at lunch. I'm really excited to get to know them.

I've been having flashbacks to my elementary days when I was waiting anxiously to find out my teacher for the year. The kids were running around the school on Friday with their parents, rushing the windows when the classroom assignments were posted. Kids were either elated or devastated, comparing lists to see which of their friends they were with and which ones they would lose forever to the "other side." It's a mini soap opera of flying playground feelings. I had a few visitors in my empty classroom and met three lovely second grade girls and two kindergarten students, one of which ran right over to hold my hand. As anxious and exhausted as I am, this will be a fun year.

I set up a website for my middle school choir and completed their handbook for the year. I am meeting about thirty middle school kiddos tomorrow morning and am planning on teaching a Venda song, playing a little name game, and going over our handbook. Check out what they're up to here:

Thank you all for your love. I've been needing some extra, supportive vibes down here lately. Keep 'em coming for the first week of class!

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