Monday, August 9, 2010

A new twist...

We're trying something different. Family, please disregard past rambling posts on design, cooking, and cute baby animals. This blog will now hopefully serve to update y'all on our California adventures. So to start, we're slowly moving into our North Berkeley place and it's beginning to look a little more like "home" and less like a bunch of boxes containing all of our stuff. Our cats are happy to be roaming around the house instead of being cooped in a hot, large, plastic box while vibrating down the freeway for 14 hours. Tonight they were preoccupied with a moth outside the office window. We have lovely neighbors, both of the human and animal variety. I met one of the deer when I was going out to do the laundry.

We just returned from a short overnight trip to the Russian River Valley where we took our honeymoon. It's just as beautiful as we remembered. We only went to two wineries, Ridge and Porter Creek, and they both were amazing. Porter Creek is a certified organic vineyard and was one of our favorites from our honeymoon. We bought a great bottle of zinfandel to celebrate and greeted the gigantic vineyard dog (see picture). We had a nice dinner at Flavor in Santa Rosa and went off to the Sonoma Valley Hilton. All of this beauty is... get this... an hour away. We can't believe it. I went a little crazy with the artsy-fartsy photos of grapes, but I was pretty blown away.

I have a meeting with the HR person at my school district tomorrow and I'm really excited to get the scoop. Chris is eagerly awaiting orientation towards the end of the week. And away we go! Much love to all.

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