Saturday, November 7, 2009

"Minted" for the Holidays

My husband and I take it easy when it comes to holiday cards. We are one of those "photo families." I would love to write a long, thought-out message to each person that I send a card to because I love my friends and family dearly, but time demands that I upload a photo, receive those flat cards in the mail, write a short note, and send. I'll look forward to the long, in-person talks I can have catching up instead of purging everything into my annual holiday card. This year, thanks to a tip from Real Simple magazine, I found These are the absolute hippest, coolest photo cards I've ever seen. They have fabulous stationary as well. I love paper products, so me thinks this will be a dangerous site for my online shopping procrastination. I'll be placing my order now, thank you very much.

Talk Bubbles Personalized Stationary by Jody Wody

Peace Love and Bop Holiday Photo Cards by Alex Elko Design

Mod Berries Holiday Photo Cards by oscar+emma Design

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