Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Acts of Kindness

I'd like to think that acts of kindness are not random, but innate; natural. It's becoming more and more important to me to recognize acts of kindness by other people and try to pay it forward. It seems easier to focus on the negative, but the feeling of witnessing or experiencing simple kindness is longer lasting and more... well... warm and fuzzy? Here's an example today:

I forced myself to take a walk. Anywhere else, this would not be so tough, but we live in the land where it seems as if you're living the senior saying, "walk uphill both ways." It's a workout and I needed it. I also needed to go to the bank, so all in all, multiple goals would be accomplished. Anyway! After stopping at the bank, I stepped into Kensington Fine Foods to snag some fish for dinner. The few times I've been in this market, it always seemed small-town in a very good way. Products are not overpriced despite the location and small selection and people are generally cheery. Today, the butcher weighed my salmon and gave me the total, waiting patiently for me to react. I've never purchased fish here before, so I didn't know I had to pay at the counter. I mentioned that I had to pick up a lemon from the store... "could I buy that here, too?" "No, sorry," he said, "we're separate." He rang up my fish, handed me my card, and asked if the lemon was all I needed. I told him "yes" and he told me to wait... after quickly stepping behind the kitchen door, he handed me a fresh lemon and told me to have a nice day.

It's a lemon. A small, yellow thing. Yet, he went out of his way to help me, to make me feel like my money, time, and self are valued. I left with some fish, a lemon, a smile and a warm feeling of gratitude. These are big things for just a little fruit!

{image found via The Brrds Nest, artist unknown}

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  1. Sometimes those little acts of kindness seem miraculous. I'm surprised at how often they happen when we need them...

    Dad Unit