Sunday, October 3, 2010

And the beat goes on...

And we're back! Fall has finally arrived in Northern California and we're feeling the fog and cool breezes. It's quite a welcome change after the unseasonably (for us) hot September weather. I'm looking out the office windows to cloudy skies and waving, whooshing leaves, but they have yet to turn color. That's one thing about Oregon I'm missing. The deer are frequent visitors outside our office window. I hear them crunching through the leaves and bushes. We have a buck and a doe that like to hang behind the house. We do live in a gorgeous place!

Chris and I have been plugging along, starting to get into a routine of work and studying. It hasn't gotten easier, but it's become more regular. We're both anticipating a lot of work while trying to maintain a positive attitude. I had a chance awhile back to photograph my classroom at one of my schools. At the other locations, I'm in a multipurpose room or a shared portable, so this room is a chance for the kids (and me, too) to really have a designated "music room." It's a luxury nowadays!

We adventured into the city today to visit the Hardly Strictly Bluegrass Festival. It was recommended to us by our neighbor and we were not disappointed! Today we saw Martin Sexton, the Indigo Girls, Randy Newman, and Elvis Costello, all for FREE! We could have stuck around to see Emmylou Harris, but we both are exhausted and needed to get back home to take care of some work before the week starts. For future reference, this is a great time to visit us! Come next year! The Festival is a blast and there are some absolutely incredible artists. It's a real gift.

The Indigo Girls... waaaaay back there.

Martin Sexton

The tired but victorious concert-goers!

Randy Newman, up-close and amazing.

We're gearing up for soup and sandwich weather and are hoping you all are enjoying the beginning of the most beautiful season (in our opinions)! With the weather comes cold season, unfortunately, and Chris and I are both fending off a couple of bugs. Please send good, healthy thoughts our way!

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