Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Christmas in... February.

The hubby has been singing Christmas carols lately. And inserting the names of our cats. We do get pretty creative around here! So, while surfing the blogosophere instead of doing homework
today (ahem), I came across this guy. May I present... Dan Gneiding, aka Grayhood. TA-DAAAH! He designs the tags at my favorite mass-market retailer of all time, Anthropologie.

And now, to tie my rambling together. I was looking at Dan's amazing site and loved, loved, loved his sketches. My dorky side shows when I (do anything) gaze at his Star Wars sketches. His little reindeer thumbprints are great. Hence the Christmas post. Here we are, Thoughts, together again. Check it out.

Images copyright Dan Gneiding.

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